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Come one, come all! We’d like to welcome you to, a place where anyone in the world can come to choose an online casino that fits their needs. We believe strongly that wherever you come from you should be able to find an online casino that fits you personally. From the casino games to each casino bonus, everything should be just how YOU like it. Join us today and together we will find the online casino of you dreams, it’s right out there waiting for you!

We are your online guides through the exciting world of online casinos, we cover casino games such as Keno online, recommend which casino bonus to use, provide dedicated casino website reviews and much much more! We check that each brand adheres to our special set of criteria so that we only recommend online casinos that offer the best online gambling experience possible, we would never put our name against anything less!

Get ready to play and win in the best online casinos in Canada here in our Top 3.

1 Spin Casino Spin Casino
2 Royal Vegas Royal Vegas
3 All Slots All Slots

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Each online casino will have a unique selling point, either the games they offer, the welcome bonuses available to new and existing players or specific deposit and withdrawal options suited to your banking methods (you can click here to jump to NZ advice on this.). You can use bitcoins and regular money to deposit via an e-wallet in most cases and of course your standard debit or credit cards also work fine too. Our casino reviews look at all the options available to you as a player and examine customer service, software and payment options (such as Bitcoin or PayPal for example - you can learn more about them on and as part of the review process. If you're in Finland and would love to use PayPal for your online casino transactions, we recommend you read our PayPal casino guide to learn everything you need to know about this banking option and the best online casinos that support it.

Games that you will be able to play at each of these casinos depends greatly on which portfolios of games they choose to use. Some use as many as 6 different software provider’s games while some online casinos are dedicated to simply one or two providers. Ask yourself, are there plenty of online slot games to keep you interested? progressive jackpot games available to help you win big money? Are there live dealer games for Poker, Blackjack or Roulette? These are all important questions you need help in answering before choosing the right online casino.

Equally as important are the types of casino bonus on offer to you as a new player or indeed an existing one. Do they offer generous welcome bonuses and reload bonuses? Is there an exclusive casino bonus available? Do they offer Free Spins as part of one of their casino bonus promotions? There’s lots to think about when dealing with casino bonuses and offers, even the terms and conditions for the casino bonus. A casino bonus can also be tailored by each casino game type; so does the brand offer a specific casino bonus for all the types of games that you like to play or just a general one? So you see, there’s so much choice and variety it’s a good idea to consult our expert advice and detailed guides.

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We know how popular online casinos have become over the last few years, but what we want to know is what makes you choose one online casino from the others? These days even the oldest land based casino brands also have an internet based casino site that you can go and play at. These sites allow you to play all your favourite casino games from the comfort of your home, straight from the internet browser of your choice! You can also play all their fantastic games via your mobile phone and tablet devices thanks to the introduction of a technology called HTML5. These days all casino software developers are programming in HTML5 because it allows for a seamless cross browser playing experience, regardless of which device you’re actually playing on. Unlike Flash for example, HTML5 games can be played on iOS, Android and Windows Phone devices.

You can also experience these makers throughout free online slots platform which is found in the link. Read the review of how to get free games for real money which is also aimed at the US market if you happened to live in America.

Our Top 10 Casino listings gives you a great first point of reference when you’re considering which online casino to choose. You can quick glance important information such as which software they use and casino bonus amount they offer, two important factors. If you want more information on any particular casino that catches your eye, you can check out the casino review for that casino and see exactly what we think about the service they offer and all the promotions that are available. Using these sources of information will make it much easier to select the right online casino. We do also have an alternative guide that helps you see it all more clearly.

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What better source of information to get an unbiased view of any particular casino than a casino review? Interested in a particular online casino or casino bonus promotion? By taking the time to read one of our casino reviews you can find out all the small details that will help you make your choice on where to play at based on real data points. Most casinos offer a multitude of promotions and welcome offers to all their players. Sometimes there can be just TOO much choice so we help by breaking down each casino bonus in a way that you can understand its value, what games to use it for and any applicable terms and conditions that it might have. This way you can be sure you’ve chosen the right casino bonus for the games you love playing and also discover which casino bonus has the most favourable wagering requirements.

For a review of this that is entirely based on casinos within the South African regions, we have formed an online guide that you can access. There you have all the information about bonuses and a South African online casinos list of the top 10 to pick from. Alternatively, you can also select a site from India. If this is of any help and you want your payments from an online casino in Indian rupees.

So, now let’s speak about online casino games. Did you know that not all games have the same RTP (return to player)? This means some games have better odds with which to win serious money and bust the bank. When you read our casino reviews we will tell you if there are games at the particular casino on which it’s possible to have a better chance to win by giving you the Top 3 games RTP %’s. Again this helps you to determine which games are worth more to you by playing them instead of wasting your time on a game that (a) you don’t like and (b) is not going to be profitable for you.

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